Common Ground is a private, password protected blog where I will post resources and where former students can post whatever they want about their writing lives.  

Specifically, I want to gather a running list of accomplishments by my former students.  So, post everything you've done already, and if you're having a reading, workshop, production, publication, or acceptance into graduate school, post that as it happens.  Don't be shy!  This is a way of staying in contact with your peers, and a way that I can brag on you (and myself for having taught you a little something).  

I also envision a place where a script exchange could take place.  There are so many extremely talented writers from our program over the years.  I would suggest asking if someone wants to exchange a play/screenplay/piece of fiction of the same length.  Then, set a deadline to offer notes.  

If you have other ideas for things you'd like to see in this blog, let me know.

To be able to access the blog, email me and ask permission.  Remind me what year you were in my class/es, etc.  I'll email you the password and enter you into the system, which will allow you to post stuff.