Paper Lanterns Getting Produced in NC

One of my new 10-minute plays, Paper Lanterns, is getting a production in late August! I submitted it to this festival at the Old Courthouse Theatre near Charlotte, NC. It's one of 6 plays getting produced. I'm excited to connect with another theatre and always super thrilled to see something that's been living in my head embodied on stage! 

The cool thing is it's a play that came from the writing prompts on this blog.

Reading at Writer's Festival '16

I had the opportunity to read from an excerpt of my play, On the 8’s, this week with some fabulous actors.  As a reading, some of the comic potential of staging wasn’t there.  But it was still fun to hear it and watch it become embodied by a new cast.  And these actors were such pros, finding so many great moments, even behind music stands.  

It reminds me again of why I do theatre – theatre people are so much fun and full of energy.  I think it was Madeline George who described a playwright as a poet who got lonely.  I agree!  Sometimes my motivation for writing plays boils down to creating an excuse to hang out with these people.  It's as valid a reason as any.